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Coal Powered BBQ Trailer

Coal Powered BBQ Trailer

£1,500.00 VAT free ONO

Coal Powered BBQ Trailer.

Designed to create an impact at any street market or event with its coal-hopper, chamber burner, fire pit, coal oven and gear-driven BBQ..

This custom made BBQ trailer combines mechanical actions and plenty of fire, to bring a touch of theatre to the street.

Designed specifically for market and event trading ,Fits perfectly inside a standard 3m x 3m trading spot.

Folds away to 2m x 1.4m and easily transportable

* Quick and easy set-up/pack down * Controls and minimises the BBQ smoke.

* All ‘Hot’ sections are situated at the back of the stall, away from customers.

* Leaves no ground markings * Coal hopper holds coal for a full days trading. 

* Rotating burners fire the coal in 20 mins, then spin to automatically drop it into holding pit before moving to the oven or BBQ

* BBQ oven holds standard gastro pans

* Fixed BBQ grill with car jack mounted coal pans underneath allowing you to rise or drop the heat easily and without moving the grill

* Stainless steel prep table

* Storage shelving under counter,

  Bargain £1,500 or sensible offers.

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Mainca MH -120 Burger Press Machine

Mainca MH -120 Burger Press Machine

£700.00 VAT free

2 Slightly used Burger Press Machines For Sale.

Current plates in the machine make patties up to 4.5 inches.

Depth size is adjustable, If bigger patties are required then these plates would  have to be purchased separately.

Machines are in very good condition and are almost brand new.

£700 inc Vat for one £1300 inc Vat for both.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products