Coal Powered BBQ Trailer

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Coal Powered BBQ Trailer.

Designed to create an impact at any street market or event with its coal-hopper, chamber burner, fire pit, coal oven and gear-driven BBQ..

This custom made BBQ trailer combines mechanical actions and plenty of fire, to bring a touch of theatre to the street.

Designed specifically for market and event trading ,Fits perfectly inside a standard 3m x 3m trading spot.

Folds away to 2m x 1.4m and easily transportable

* Quick and easy set-up/pack down * Controls and minimises the BBQ smoke.

* All ‘Hot’ sections are situated at the back of the stall, away from customers.

* Leaves no ground markings * Coal hopper holds coal for a full days trading. 

* Rotating burners fire the coal in 20 mins, then spin to automatically drop it into holding pit before moving to the oven or BBQ

* BBQ oven holds standard gastro pans

* Fixed BBQ grill with car jack mounted coal pans underneath allowing you to rise or drop the heat easily and without moving the grill

* Stainless steel prep table

* Storage shelving under counter,

  Bargain £1,500 or sensible offers.

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Milton Keynes


£1,500.00 VAT free ONO

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