1.2m Refrigerated Countertop Servery

Product Description

New King CRISTAL013.HD 1.2m Refrigerated Countertop Servery Toppings Unit.

Ideal for salad and pizza ingredients. Holds unto 5 x GN 1/3 pans.

Temperature Range 2C to 8C
Power Type Electric - Plug In
Material stainless steel
Weight (kg) 50 KG

External Size

Unit Height Width Depth
Mm 330 1200 395
Cm 33 120 39.5
Inches (approx) 12 47 15

Can be seen working.

Contact Details

Tel    07795033135

email    Pas_smith282820@yahoo.co.uk

Product Location

Wetherby West Yorkshire


£220.00 VAT free

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