BLUE ICE Commercial Ice Cream Machine

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The Blue Ice T46 Soft Serve Commercial Ice Cream Machine is a twin twist flavour.

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Table Top, Gravity Fed Machine.

Designed for easy and fast production of soft ice cream, yoghurt and sorbet, the Blue Ice T46 Ice Cream Machine has two mix hoppers with a capacity of 12 litres. The hopper is maintained at a temperature below 4.4C, even during standby, allowing it to keep produce fresher for longer. The microprocessor controls automatically regulate refrigeration and keeps quality consistent with control of the temperature and viscosity. Record the number of servings per day and total number of dispenses. There is a low level indicator to let operators know when the mix is low. Twin 12 litre mix hoppers with separate refrigeration Output 580 cups/hour Freeze down time 3 - 4min Free starter package Maintains mix temperature below 44°C (40°F) Standby option allows product to stay fresh in machine for up to 3 days Automatically regulates refrigeration and maintains consistent product quality Records number of dispenses per day and total number of dispenses Displays hopper and cylinder temperature

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Tel   07983805118

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Slough Berkshire


£3,600.00 VAT free ONO

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