Restaurant Equipment Clearance

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 Variety of Restaurant Equipment all in very good condition.

Must See!

1 Commercial Ice making machine (cube) 1 Commercial Ice crusher machine.

1 Commercial Glass washer 1 Commercial blender.

1 Commercial Barbecue Gas Grill (comes with skewers and carving knives)

1 Commercial oven.

1 Professional Gas cooker (6 burners) with oven

1 Commercial electric deep fat fryer (2 baskets)

1 Electric food warmer .

3 Bar coolers

2 buffet displays

3 large plant vases.

Wood standing storage cabinet and cupboard.

Bar shelves Vertical shelf Kitchen stainless less shelf Commercial bar sink with bowls

A range of glasses (beer, wine, etc) - approximately 250

 40 tables with 120 chairs and 3 Highchairs.

2 tills, one with cash drawer, and 3 printers.

20 outside chairs 

1 Microwave

 Range of different pan/boiling pot sizes.

Around 500 cutlery (knives and forks) 250 plates and 100 bowls

35 salad trays/plates 100 catering tongs

1 vertical freezer 1 vertical fridge

1 horizontal freezer 30 LED lights and 10 hanging lights

2 telephones 4 kitchen prep tables (work benches)

1 prep table with sink 20 storage boxes (and another 20 storage boxes with lids)

7 non slip trays

3 bins 2 mops 2 wet floor safety sign

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£18,000.00 VAT free

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