True T-23F Upright Heavy Duty Freezer

Product Description

T-Series: Reach-In Solid Swing Door Freezer with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant.

True's solid door reach-ins are designed with enduring quality that protects your long term investment.

Designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs,

exceptional food safety and the best value in today's food service marketplace.

Extra large evaporator coil balanced with higher horsepower compressor and large condenser maintains -23.3°C cabinet temperatures.

Ideally suited for both frozen foods and ice cream. Stainless steel solid door and front.

The very finest stainless with higher tensile strength for fewer dents and scratches. Adjustable, heavy duty PVC coated shelves.

Positive seal self-closing door. Lifetime guaranteed door hinges and torsion type closure system.

Automatic defrost system time-initiated, temperature-terminated.

Saves energy consumption and provides shortest possible defrost cycle.

Bottom mounted units feature: "No stoop" lower shelf. Storage on top of cabinet.

Compressor performs in coolest, most grease free area of kitchen. Easily accessible condenser coil for cleaning

The electronic controller has been replaced...allows temperature setting and defrost cycle settings.

Fitted with castors, it is in an accessible outbuilding, in the G71 area of Glasgow near to the M74 and 

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